Posted on November 26, 2014

Sea Curl: In the early 1980s, Lloyd founded the surf, skate and lifestyle brand Sea Curl in Australia.  Over 15 years, he built this into a $20M annual turnover company.  Sea Curl designed its own apparel, such as Ozzie Cozzie, one of the best known brands of Australian swimwear in the 1980s. Through his subsidiary sales and distribution company OTR Distributors, Lloyd also acted as a distributor for many leading surf, skate and lifestyle brands.

In 1997 he sold the company and “retired”.  After six months, his entrepreneurial enthusiasm led him to other opportunities.

Hayisam: Lloyd currently operates through his management company Hayisam Ltd which was founded in November 2001 for the 2002 Louis Vuitton and 2003 America’s Cup Regattas. He handled logistics, procurement, compliance requirements and on-water hospitality for clients including Fuji Xerox, American Express, Westpac, Alinghi, Louis Vuitton, One World, Air New Zealand and Telecom.

He continues to provide a variety of professional services to global corporations, companies, high net worth individuals, international sporting events and stand alone projects.