Posted on November 25, 2014

“Lloyd is one of those rare people with truly lateral thinking.  He recognises patterns and opportunities that others don’t, and more importantly, acts on them.  He’s a “go to” guy – people trust him to make things happen.  The harder the task is, the more he seems to enjoy it.

Lloyd is honest, trustworthy and what I appreciate most of all, a straight shooter.  There are always times when things get tough and having someone who can recognise it, address it and fix it with the least amount of disruption is invaluable.  Lloyd is that sort of person.  He is also extremely organised and has a great sense of humour.”

Ray Smith, Business Development Manager, Diners Club  

“Lloyd’s ability to listen empathetically and to think laterally provided an extremely positive outcome for the staff and encouraged them to pursue their goals and to retain an optimistic attitude. This attitude led to the entire workforce being re-employed and for the plant closure to proceed seamlessly.

Incredibly, the plant closure proceeded without any absenteeism, industrial action, production disruption and is often the case in a company with a very public profile, any potentially harmful publicity. This was due, to a large extent, to Lloyds ability to motivate and work with the staff to turn what was at first a devastating event in my employees lives into a constructive and rewarding experience. ”

Adrienne Woollard, New Zealand Manager, Kraft Foods.

“Lloyd & his business Hayisam is without doubt one of the best, most professional, trustworthy and reliable third party suppliers we work with at Sportsnet Holidays. On multiple occasions, Lloyd has supplied quality accommodation in exceptional locations at super competitive prices over incredibly high demand, low supply major events including (but not limited to) the NRL Auckland Nines and Rugby World Cup Japan, 2019. Lloyd makes it easy offering outstanding service and flexibility with an innate understanding that relationships are key in business. I absolutely and without hesitation recommend Lloyd and the Hayisam business for all your major sporting event accommodation and land requirements.

You will not be disappointed!”

Daniel Cecconi, COO, Sportsnet Holidays, Australia.

Lloyd, THANK YOU very much for everything – in particular ensuring that my clients have had the most amazing service in the industry. You have been a delight to work with.
Emily Myers, President, Canaccom Sport Team Travel Inc. Canada